Skanes.com is a travel and hotel guide that covers the resort of Skanes, one of Tunisia’s many featured tourist destinations. Detailed information on holidays, flights and hotels is outlined on this site, along with ideas of what you might like to enjoy doing on the resort.

Although a suburb of the also-popular Monastir, Skanes is a fine place to holiday in itself, with all the trimmings you’d expect from an African country, including swimming, sight-seeing and sun-drenched desert safaris. The climate is perfect for any excursion, given the resort receives sunshine all year round, getting particularly scorching come summer.

Whilst most arrivals to this region of Tunisia come to visit other part of the country, the majority choose to stay in Skanes thanks to the extravagant stretch of grand hotels that have been built here. Many of these buildings are architectural delights set in acres of lush gardens, and most of them boast their own patch of well-maintained sandy beach. It is little wonder that so many tourists choose to base themselves here before exploring the surrounding regions, as the rewards are nothing short of paradise.




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