A Holiday in Skanes?

Skanes, off the east coast of Tunisia, is the epitomy of sun and relaxation, but there is more to a holiday here than simply working on your tan. For more the actively-inclined, the dazzling blue ocean throws up all manner of water-sports: jet-skiing, scuba-diving, paragliding and windsurfing, for example. If this is all too much for you, imagine exploring the coastline by yacht, stopping for a spot of fishing as and when you please. As you may have gathered, there are plenty of adventures for all the family in Skanes, most notably horse-riding along the beach and the majestic desert safaris. Skanes is, of course, a romantic get-away too and caters well for the many couples who come to stay here.

If you’re feeling like throwing in a bit of history on your holiday then Skanes also doubles up as a great base through which to visit the architecture and markets of surrouding areas like Monastir and Sousse. Getting around here is also no problem due to the number of inexpensive taxis. Otherwise, simply hop onto the tourist road train that connects you to the other coastal resorts.

The hotels in Skanes are of a distinctly high standard, many with their own private strip of beach, swimming pools and spas. There is always some form of entertainment (for kids as well as adults) on offer in the hotels during evenings, and the quality of food on offer is exquisite – be it international cuisine or  traditional Tunisian cooking.

Sight-seeing, sunbathing, shopping, sports, history and natural beauty – whatever it is that you look for in a holiday, Skanes will have it covered.



Official currency of Tunisia is the dinar (TND), divided into 1000 millimes. American Express, Visa and Thomas Cook traveller’s’ cheques are also accepted in most places, although to avoid high exchange charge it is best to have them in US Dollars. There are also plenty of ATMs scattered around town, with Visa and Maestro widely accepted also.


Arabic is the official language. French is widely spoken in many parts of the country too. English is taught in all schools and is used by the younger generation with a lot of passion. German and Italian are a few of the European languages that are understood and spoken in some tourist areas.

What type of holiday can I get for my money?

Numerous holiday operators will cater for your budget through a list of different, All-Inclusive, package holidays, with options leaning towards family excursions.  We have listed one example below:


Staying at Houda Skanes – for 7 days

All inclusive:
  • Twin room with garden view
  • Coach transfer included

  • Gym
  • Night-time Entertainment
  • Accommodation SkyTour
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner and 1 visit to each à la carte restaurant per stay
  • Snacks from 12.00-17.00 and 23.30-01.30
  • Daily afternoon tea and cakes
  • Unlimited local alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, mineral water and tea & coffee from 10.00-24.00 and until 02.00 in the disco
  • £560 per person

If you’re on a particularly low-budget, a tip would be to take your break during England’s freezing winter months. The period of November to February, whilst not Skanes’ peak temperatures of 30C +, is still very pleasant, much cooler in fact, yet still rising up to highs of 20C. This period is considerably quieter compared to the influx of tourists that summer brings, and there are plenty of bargains to be had.


Flight + Hotel

Another option is book your flights and accommodation separately, leaving you more open and flexible to doing whatever you wish during your stay. Summer is obviously when prices will hit their peak, so booking in advance is advisable, especially as many hotels will become over-subscribed during this period. As with package deals, choosing to stay in Skanes outside of the summer will see flights and hotels become cheaper.

When putting together a diy holiday we recommend flight comparison website and hotel booking website


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