Summer: May – October

For holiday-goers looking for sun, sun and more sun, Skanes is paradisiacal. particularly in its scorching Summer months. At both ends of the scale in May and October, Skanes experiences temperatures that hover in and around 25C. The hottest months are however from June to September, with temperatures breaking the 30C mark.

Regardless of its climate, Skanes does have a generally low humidity, leading to slightly cooler nights of around 10C – 20C. The hours of sunshine generated change from 10 hours at the beginning of the Summer season to around 12 hours at its peak, losing up to 5 hours going into October.

Winter: November – April

Winter, in contrast to Summer, is still a mild and warm experience, although chillier at night with temperatures often below 10C. Nevertheless, during the day temperatures still reach up to 20C in November, down as far as 16C in January. There are also 6 to 8 hours of sunshine are on offer throughout the season. Even rainfall is mild and generally short-lived from the months of November to February.

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